Our Story

Tea has been central to my life since childhood.  My Mom was always keen to share a cup of tea with me.  I think she knew I’d sit down for a few minutes and she’d learn more about my day.  Tea was the currency of conversation.  As I got older, tea became fuel to keep me going well into the night as I started my career as an Event Planner.  What I hadn’t yet realized was that I would continue to turn to tea to ‘solve my world’s problems’.  Whether that be that much needed ‘pick me up’, a blend to calm me down after a long day, or one to settle my stomach or help me sleep.  I turn to tea.  It’s like good friends or a good book – always there for you.  

My blends are an evolution of my interests, conversations and connections made with people over tea.  And of course – requests!  Everyone has a tea story and I love exploring how people relate to tea and what they love. The blends you’ll find here are a mix of my personal ‘crafted’ blends as well as some I’ve found and just have to share.

Join me as I share my growing passion and love of all things tea. 


Robin Paisley, Founder of Crafted Tea Company