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Chamomile Lavender

Chamomile Lavender

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If you're a Chamomile lover, this one's for you.  This Chamomile's bright, floral flavours have a natural honey aroma you'll fall in love with.  Floral notes are beautifully intensified with the addition of Lavender.  The combination is a tea that relaxes and takes the day away.  

Caffeine Level: Caffeine free

 Looking to add a little sweetness?  We suggest a couple drops of local honey.  

*Each 40gr package brews 15 - 20 cups of tea


Organic Egyptian Chamomile Flowers
Chamomile Petals
Super Blue Lavender Petals

Brewing Instructions

1 - 2 tsp of tea per 250ml of filtered water
212 degrees
5+ minutes


Egypt, France


Specialty Blend - made in house

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